EPC Newry From The Low Price of £55 Obtain Your Energy Certificate At EPC Newry Today.

EPC Newry From The Low Price of £55 Obtain Your Energy Certificate At EPC Newry Today.

Internet Booking Discounted by £10- down from £65 to £55. Any location in NI, Any House, Get Your EPC Now! EPC Newry Starting At The Discounted Price of Only £55. Obtain Your Energy Certificate At EPC Newry. 

9 Reasons to Choose EPC Newry For Your Accredited Energy Certificate 

    1. Get an EPC from one of the Highest Standard Energy Performance Certificate Companies in Northern Ireland. 
    2. Our Professional, Fully Certified Assessors. Our team of assessors are government certified through ABBE (Awarding Body for the Built Environment) and recognised Accreditation Schemes so that you will be obtaining a Legally Recognised Energy Certificate
    3. Purchase an EPC from one of the Best and Most Reliable providers of Energy Performance Certificates in Northern Ireland. 
    4. Get your Energy Certificate promptly. Within 48 Hours of your initial Payment, your EPC is 100% Guaranteed – This will help ensure you will avoid getting any fines.
    5. Receive Totally Relevant Advice at Zero Cost and see how you can reduce your energy payments monthly.
    6. When You Get Your EPC From EPC Newry You Will get a Fast, Reliable, High-Quality Service which will help your business and align with your family needs. Nighttime and Saturday viewings are also available at your request.
    7. You Will Be Paying Less Money and Time When Getting Your EPC with EPC Newry. The Entire Price is £55.
    8.  The EPC Newry Service Will Give You a range of Commercial EPC Energy Certificates in NI and throughout Newry and Belfast which also has to ability to be used for Public and Government Buildings. If you want more information about Commercial or Display EPCs please go to our Contact Us Page
    9. With EPC Newry We Give You the option to choose how you order your Domestic EPC (normal Price £65 by telephone) Discounted Price £55 (by internet)

• Acquire your EPC from EPC Newry Online from just £55, what are you waiting for? No VAT, No Extra Cost. 

To Purchase Online Now 7 Days a Week Just Click the ORDER NOW BUTTON


Note that by Purchasing online you save £10 off our usual telephone booked price of £65

We pass the administrative savings directly to you.

• Alternately, You can ring us on 02891072580 if you want to order. Please call Monday to Friday, 9.30 to 5.00.

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At EPC Newry We are certain we have one of the most efficient Energy Certificate services in Northern Ireland.


We carry out EPCs, Energy Certificate Surveys all over Northern Ireland. Including Carrickfergus; Ballymena, Bangor, Armagh, Coleraine, Enniskillen, Craigavon, Belfast Londonderry, Portadown, Newtownards, Newry, Lisburn, Comber, Omagh, and many more. Contact Us for more information.